Drakengard 3 ps3 Brand New Factory Sealed Drakengard 3 ps3 Brand New Factory Sealed
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Drakengard 3 ps3 Brand New Factory Sealed

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Square Enix's series full of hack-and-slash combat and dragon-riding action returns in Drakengard 3.
Set before the events of the original Drakengard, this game sends players to a medieval version of Earth where peace reigns thanks to the magical songs of six goddess-like sisters known as Intoners.
Gamers take control of the eldest sister Zero and her dragon Mikhail as they attempt to track down and murder the rest of the Intoners, for reasons that become clear as the story unfolds.Ground-based combat in Drakengard 3 involves a variety of swords and spears, with Zero soaking up the blood of fallen enemies to enter Intoner Mode and briefly gain a great advantage in battle.
Mikhail can also provide ground-based attacks when Zero is on him, but his primary weapon is the fire-breath he can unleash while in flight.
Zero's attacks grow stronger as players gain experience and make their way through the campaign, and gamers can take on side quests to earn a variety of special items.

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